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Just wanted to say hi from a 1972 Trojan!
Roxanne Hildreth
Shelton, WA USA

Class of 71
Mike Loukonen
Longmont Co Boulder

Nice looking site. Do you plan to expand to other years?

I hope "the committee" has the time to read this...I just want to thank all of you for all the time and effort you put in to each of the reunions...this most recent one seemed especially special--it confirmed what I've always thought--that I was fortunate enough to have gone to high school with just about the finest bunch of people on this planet. Thanks again.

Pat Strasheim Fagler

Hi, I am Lana (Nemecek) Simmons. Grad of 1965. The website is great. Wish I knew about it before the 35th Class reunion. Hope to contact more of the class as time permits. Thank You.


I am not missing. I currently live in Kansas. Great page!!!

Daryl Miller

The website is great, I appreciate all the work that went into creating and maintaining it.

Mary Schurman King

You have a wonderful web site. I too am a graduate from 1965 and also a Trojan. I am , however, not from Longmont, but from Chula Vista, CA. We were and still the Castle Park High School Trojans. As I'm sure you all say, "We're the Greatest Class alive, We're the Class of '65". Keep up the great work. You should be proud of how you represent your class.

Tom Simonds
CPHS Class of '65

Wow!! Someone has gone to quite a lot of effort in putting all of this together. It looks great! I'm anxious to see what new areas are added to the history once everyone knows about this site. I wasn't even aware of it until Carolyn (my sister) e-mailed the site to me. Anyway, I'll try to keep in touch, and if I run upon some new information or pictures, I'll get them to one of the developers of this site. See you at our 40th reunion (the Good Lord willing).

Don Drage

Hi, I was just browsing and found your sight. I love it. I graduated from Longmont High School in 1984. It would be nice to have a web site like this for my class also. You've done a really nice job!

Amy Baker (Rozinek)
Hawk Springs, WY

I came across here most unexpectedly. I typed my name in yahoo search, and my dads popped up on the top of this list, Everett Magnusson. I didn't even realize there was a site for his class. I was interested to know how you guys knew my dad passed. I guess family posted it in the local paper, even though people haven't lived there in years. I was interested to know if anybody knew my dad. People that I knew as a kid just showed up to his funeral, even someone that worked with him on Navy ship 20 years ago! Thanks for the site.

Everett Magnusson Jr,

Under a persons name in the yearbook, like "Football 2" or Academics 1 , what does that refer to? Under my dads name is "Football 2."  Can anybody clarify that for me? Thanks.

Everett Magnusson Jr.

A walk through the past! Web site nicely done.!

Alvin Kleveno
Class of 1969

Great site. I still have a question- under someone's picture, what does the activity mean, like "football 2" or " drama 1" the number of years at the activity? My dad was Everett Magnusson and I am surprised that a month ago I said what the heck and searched his name, your site popped up the #1 listing out of thousands, then I came here. Wow! (Now it was #6 on yahoo) Anyways, I was curious and He never talked about his youth or how much of an eagle scout he was. Thanks for any input any ready could tell me.

Everett Jr.

Everett, Yes, I knew your dad. LHS was a four year high school. Football 2 meant he played football the second year, or as a sophomore. 

Jim Morrison class of 2005

Great website! Glad to find you guys. Brother Terry Roulier in Loveland told me about it. I sent a message and gave my e-mail. Certainly sad about some deaths I did not know of. I'll keep in touch.

Susan Roulier-Jones
Class of 1965 (the girl from Greeley who was totally into music!)

Enjoyed this very much, thanks.

Loren Harris

Kirk Miller
Class of 1972

Excellent job!! You are certainly to be commended for the diligence and hard work that has been demonstrated through this effort!

Gary Barnett

Hello. My name is John Gilzean, Class of 65', and I'm listed as a "Lost Trojan". A friend of mine with whom I served in the U.S.N. back in the mid to late 60's off the coast of Viet-Nam called me and told me to run a Google search on my name, said you were looking for me. I'm happy to tell you I'm doing well and reside just north of Longmont, in Loveland. I'm married, have 4 children and numerous grandkids.

 I never knew there was a Trojan website, I would have gotten a hold of you much sooner. Special thanks to Tommy Kircher in Ft. Worth Texas for the phone call and information. This seems to be a very nice site, so glad to see you Trojans on the net. Please use this information to update my status, I am lost no more. Thanks for not forgetting.

John Gilzean

Hi there -

What a surprise to find your website.  My sister, Chris who lives in Phoenix, told me about it. I live in Discovery Bay, CA with George Trefz, my husband of 28 years.  My brother, Mike Nord, and I own Western Truck School in West Sacramento, CA. We teach students how to drive big rigs. We currently have 5 campuses in California and 1 in Reno, NV. George and I did not have any children. We are very active in the boating community in the Delta Region of California. I would love to hear from anyone. My e-mail address here at work is and my home e-mail is The last reunion notice that I got was from 1990. My mom, Maxine Nord, sent it to me. Unfortunately she passed away in 1996 and I haven't been back to Longmont since.

This is a great site. I have found a number of missing people at I was really sad to see all of the people who have passed on. When you move far away you kind of lose contact with everyone."

Karen Nord Trefz

This is a great website and I think it's wonderful of you to keep track of all your classmates. Chuck lost his battle with cancer on May 8. For those of you who knew him, he never lost his love of cars and had recently restored a '72 Nova to race at the Las Vegas Drag Strip. Chuck, and his wife, Kathy, moved from Longmont to Las Vegas in 1993. We'll miss him so much.

Janette (Compton) Smith - sister of Chuck Compton

Very nice, enjoyed browsing through. I am a 1971 graduate and native of Longmont.

Greetings. I wanted to add my name to those who were in the service during the Vietnam War. My service began while we were still in high school when I enlisted in the National Guard in Longmont. I was a Guard member until July 20, 1967. At that time I enlisted in the United States Navy. (Of personal interest, but no real significance is the picture of me in the Longmont history book. I say that it was of no real significance as my service was certainly far less significant than many who served during this time.)

Gary Barnett

I was a Longmont Trojan in 1961 and from there I moved out of town and went to Vietnam spent my tour and still trying to get home.

James Martin

"I think this is a great web-site and curious who did all of the work getting things together. I liked the humor about famous people from the class of '65 (Gary Lewis, etc.). We all need to laugh! It is also a great way to get in touch with old classmates. Thanks!"

Judi Miller(Leinweber)

Great web site!! Thanks for all of your hard work. My e-mail address is

Gary Barnett


Greetings once again!

I imagine you are probably aware of this, but just in case you aren't, I thought I would send this e-mail. Peggy Newton and--I heard--Lois Sather have both passed on. Peggy from cancer and Lois from an aneurysm (sp?). I don't know much else and as I said, I'm sure you are all aware of this information.

Gary Barnett


Here's my home email address. Good work to whoever's keeping this up!

Thomas S. Owen
Professor, History/Political Science
College of the Redwoods, Del Norte

Hi, I also serve in the Army during Viet Nam. I enlisted into the Army Reserve in April of 1966. I stayed in the Reserves for eight years and then went on active duty and served for 32 years and retired as a Sergeant Major in 1999. I presently teach JROTC at Manual High School in Denver. Glad to see this site!

Emery G. Marsh
1965 Trojan.

Please register my e-mail:

Thanks. Great website!

Kay (Fox) Grove


Wonderful site. I'm from the class of 1977. My Father-in-Law was from the class of 1957 and his mother graduated from Longmont in 1927. It was fun to take a look at your site and remember my own years at LHS.

Patty (Beebe) Voake
Class of 1977

Hello Again, I'm in Las Vegas, NV. now on disability from teaching. My e-mail address is basically the same but is now known as You backyard astronomers will know that name. Hope I can make it "home" one of these days. E-mail me if you want or remember me.

Susan Roulier-Jones

Awesome website!!! You did a great job. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The Class of 65 truly is incredible...what a time it was. Life is full of so many surprises and it just gets better every year. I have to admit I haven't been the best at keeping in touch and attending reunions....sorry! But I am looking forward to our 40th and to the "all school" reunion in 2005. If anyone wants to get in touch, my email is

Thank you again for all the hard work on the site. Would love to "connect" with old classmates.

Sandi Savoy O'Hare

Greetings from south Texas!  Sandi Savoy just told me about the site and I think it is awesome!  Thank you all who have created and maintained the site.  It is bringing back so many wonderful memories.  We really did have a special class and I'm proud to a part of the class of '65.  We've (Jim Caldwell class of '60) been in Texas since '79.  We get home about once a year, but we're planning on being there for the big 40.  Anxious to hear from anyone.  My address is:

 Keep in touch and thank you again for the memories! 

Hi from Lynn Berkey Stevenson. Jim has done a great job on this webpage & I also thank him again. I've been the secretary for the reunion committee for the past 3 reunions and have tried to keep updated addresses as we get them. If you're listed as missing or know someone listed as missing please let me know. My address is 2600 Mountain View Ave Longmont, CO 80503 and email is I look forward to hearing from you all and especially seeing you in 2005.

Lynn Berkey Stevenson

Nice job on this site. I am a teacher at LHS and I manage the school's website.

Shawn Tank

What a wonderful website! I have spent far too much time reading everything in it. You have done a great job of putting it together! My brother (Richard Swenson '61) stumbled upon the site and immediately called me to say I am listed as "missing." Well, I am alive and well in Abilene, Texas. I would love to hear from friends at I am really looking forward to our 40th reunion--didn't make the other ones because apparently I was "missing!" Would you consider a "Where Are We Now" section?

Kathleen Swenson Cheatham ('65)

This is a great website. I was just in Longmont recently and can't believe how much Longmont has grown, am looking forward to the class reunion. I wish I were there to help with the planning.

Sally Bates (Cardenas)
Class of 1969

Just ran across your website and wanted to mention that my brother would have graduated in 1969. His name is Kurt Wagner. He was killed in a car accident in 1969.

Your website is great!

Jody Wagner Pariseau
Class of 1977

You have an amazing and incredible web site!

Lois Morris
Class of 1968
Arvada High School

Wow! Just found this site and I'm really impressed! To let you know, I also served in Viet Nam with the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Squadron 117 from October 1968 to March 1970. I now live in Fort Collins. I'd love to hear from some of you.

Mike Brouwer

Great to find this site! Please put me on the list.

Alan Bell

Longmont Colorado. I don't remember attending school in Longmont. Sounds like a really cool place to enjoy life while growing-up.

Bob Sample

(NOTE: This may NOT be the Bob Sample that graduated from Longmont High School Class of 1965. However, he may have lived through the 1960's but for some reason he doesn't remember!)


Cheryl Martin is looking for Ray Bury of Longmont. Don't want to start anything, just want to know how he is, etc.

My name is Cheryl Martin. I used to know a Ray Bury back in the '60s. Could I know him??



Contact Lynn Stevenson at She should be able to help you find Ray Bury.

Best wishes,
Jim Morrison
LHS Class of 1965


Hello. I'm one of those so called "senior citizens. I'm a 1952 graduate and presently live in Canon City, CO. If any of you have an interest in forming regular social functions for your class please contact me. The three classes of "51", "52" and "53" meet three times a year and I write the newsletter. I have a fairly long list of e-mail addresses if anyone is interested.

Tim Hakonson


Hi Guys! Jim Knutson told me about this website and it's awesome! Thanks to the Stevenson's for creating it. Hope to see everyone at the reunion.

Bonnie (Schmuck) Trupp

Hi everyone, What a great web site! Just had our first meeting last week to plan our 40th. Hope to see everyone there. Arleen (Enoch '66) AND I still live in Longmont, I have retired from Coors, and Medical science has finally caught up with me, feeling much better with today's med's. See you at the 40th.

Barry Tennis

Great Job! See you at the reunion on 7/22.

Tom Voake
Colorado Springs

"Hi" everyone. I'm proud that I was in the Air Force during Viet Nam. I served in the Air Force from June 1966 to July 1973 where I got out with time and grade for E-7. Please list me along side the other Veterans. Thanks. I still work for the Air Force as a Civil Servant at Hill Air Force Base Utah as a Material Manager on F-16 aircraft. This whole site is so incredible it is hard to believe.

The Mega Reunion along with the Mega friends we have been blessed with is just a small gift that God has given to us.

M. Woody Woodman  ô¿ô

Greetings, Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this year's reunion. I was in Longmont earlier this month for my mother's funeral and am back in Massachusetts at this time. While in Longmont, I was visited by several classmates and had a chance to 'relive' some of the fun times we had growing up. I just found out about the LHS website and it is terrific. Please keep up the good work and I hope to return for the next reunion. Regards,

Gene Spadi
24 Pleasant St.
Sherborn, MA 01770
(508) 655-6053


Great website....thanks to all who worked so hard to put it together. Sorry I missed the '05 reunion but hope to make the next one. I'm a 1966 graduate and now living in Las Vegas.

Linda (Flynn) Cooper

My email address is: if you want to write me. Great memories!


Hello from the Class of '80! My mother is also a Trojan (Class of '51) and has lost her yearbooks. If anyone knows of any place locally or nationally that might sell replacements please write me.

Thank you!

Phil Whitely


Hi...My name is Tina and am from Erie Pa., Strong Vincent High School class of 66. Am enjoying going through your site and can appreciate the work done here as I also have been working on a website with 2 other classmates. One in Colorado, one in Tenn, and myself in Erie have managed to create a website that has reunited classmates via the internet. Hope you visit our site.



I like to say to make the web site better you should put pictures of who all went there. But, other than that, I was amazed of what I saw that a lot people had big dreams and they made their dreams come true.

To date (12/8/06), this web site currently has 604 pages and 1027 images. Available pictures of all graduating seniors of the Longmont High Class of 1965 are here on this website.
                                                                  --- Class of 1965 Webmaster


This is not my first visit here but I like to return to see any changes. I know how hard it is to work on reunions and also maintain a website. Fortunately for me, I have 2 other classmates who help with our website. Please visit the "Strong Vincent Class of 1966" website from Erie, Pennsylvania. Hope you sign our website. Nice work here!


My father is Loren Harris from the Class of 1965. You know, "Harris Hot Lips". Well, this is what he always used to tell us kids: me, Troy, Crecia, and Jenny. He said all the girls used to call him that in school.

I just saw a picture of my dads Senior picture and I must say he is a handsome man back then and even to this day. That picture looks very similar to the picture in the paper when he just won another track meet and was crossing the finish line. The article reads: "Harris Wins Again!" In case anyone is looking for him, he lives now in Albuquerque, New Mexico for quite a few years now.

On this website I was also blown away after seeing the picture of Charlie's Shed. That shed was my Grandpa Charlie Harris's. Everyone remembers my granpa for owning "Cheaper Charlies Auto Parts store. I remember seeing that shed for years growing up as a kid. We used to go to my dad Loren's brothers house, Gary Harris, which was the greenish looking house somewhat on the same corner about 200 yards east of the shed. I used to play basketball for hours on that basketball court with my Cousin Paul Harris who also played basketball for Longmont High. Paul was one of the big men along side that other tall guy with the last name of Strauss. They were fun to watch. My Grandma, Velma Harris, still lives in Longmont. I sure miss not seeing her.

Anyways, my name is Scott and I live in Dana Point, California. I will let my dad know about this website so he can check it out too.

I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plug-ins that require me to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful. Thanks!


I got the same tramadol attack... well, not the same, because it was only about 20 comments instead of 90, and i t have any filtering set up, and I just deleted them one at a time... hmm.. the only thing really in common was that it was about tramadol... what filter do you have set up that caught them all?


Bonjour! What a super website! Very refreshing to peruse from where we live in Paris (France). I eat frogs and drink wine. Would like more information on this? Best regards! Mikael


Greetings to all our friends in France! We also like frog legs and good French wine. However, we do love flaming spicy buffalo wings and a keg of light beer. Cheers!

Hello I was looking for some old classmates and found your website. Thank you for it and your work on it. I did find many of who have passed away, so sorry for they were so young. My name is John Dirkes. At this time I am in Montana, Divorced. Looking to start a new life if I can. Where can i find the people from 1966,1967,1969.

My e-mail:



Hi, I was playing cards with a girl the other night on "Club Pogo" and she said she was from Longmont Co. I said, I went to high school there in 1964. Is the old high school still on main street? She said yes and you might like to check this web-site out. WOW! This is a great web-site! I only went there 1 year before I went in the Navy but the names and pictures flooded my head with great memories. Names like, David and Jacki Smith, Ken Terry, Judi Miller, Tally K Plocus.


"Club Pogo"

Send your name and email address and you'll be included with those Trojans having served in the military during the Vietnam War.                                    

 --- Class of 1965 Webmaster

I found the website by accident. It is amazing. I am one of the missing.

I spent a little over 2 years in Vietnam in the Army Engineers from '66 to late'68. I finally graduated from UWGB in 1974 and stayed in Wisconsin. I have been married to the same great woman for almost 38 years.

Over the years we have breathed new life into a lot of old houses. Looking at all the pictures really brought the old days back.

I do not look much like my picture anymore but that must make me an exception. Thanks for the website.

George Thorne


HI, I'm from the class of 1978 and I think there might be a reunion in 2008 for our 30Th, if I calculated correctly, I never was good in math, ha,ha. Anyhow, any news on the reunion?? I would be interested.

Cindy Morgan

Do any members of the LHS Class of 65 get together between reunions? I think it would be fun to see some of the classmates once in awhile and not have to wait so long between reunions!

Just spent the afternoon browsing the site. Thanks for the memories.

Cathy LePore Baggot


I noticed Dan Hames was listed in the class of 1965 but he was not mentioned in the war veterans. He was actually in the Army, a Vietnam War veteran who received a Purple Heart. Thought you'd like to know.


Thank you for the information regarding Dan Hames. His page has been updated to reflect military service.

--- Class of 1965 Webmaster


Charlie Dunn here, Class of '66. I just want to say hi to everyone. I knew so many of the people from class of '65. It was really nice browsing thru this site and reminiscing. I was saddened to read of the deaths of people I knew. I was especially sad about Joe Schwindt. We lived next door and I knew him quite well. Anyone who wishes to can email me at

Great website!

Tim Hipsher
LHS Class of 1969

You may add my email address to the list. I would love to hear from former classmates.  Does anyone know where Richard Diamond is? I haven't seen his name on here anywhere.

Kathleen Swenson Cheatham


Kathleen -

Richard is found here and he also is a Vietnam veteran having served in the U.S. Army.

Thanks for updating your email address!

--- Class of 1965 Webmaster


I see your aerial view of the old LHS includes the now missing first part. Our family lived across Kimbark Street for several years. Just wanted to say hi from the Class of '67.

Lyle Morton (brother of Jerry)



The website looks even better all the time. Do you have a contact list for those who are interested in keeping in touch?

Jim Walker
I have a new Email:


Hi Everyone! This is Cindy Cooke Kennedy. I am alive and well and living on a 36 ft. sailboat in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. We have been down here 3 yrs. and are loving every min. of it. Love the site and was very glad to find it. I have a FaceBook page. Hope too hear from some old friends!

Hi Everyone!

As Jim announced, we are planning our 45th reunion for July 2 & 3 2010. 

Please email me with your current physical & email address so we can get all the updated information to you. Hope to see you all!


Hi ... Debbie Roberts (Grad 1964, was supposed to be 1965!) .. Darn, haven't gotten to a reunion yet!! Oh well, 50th would be a good round number .. I'll aim for that. Anyway .. you have the have-email list, the "In Memorium" list, and the "Missing Trojans" list. But hey, where's a way to contact those who aren't on any of those lists ... eg Susan Wise, Dale Krug, Bob Cassell (or maybe Bob WAS on the "missin" list ... don't want to go back from this page though [:)] Hummmm??

Thanks for a well done website! I've really enjoyed the memories.

Jim Leininger
Class of '64
U.S. Army Vietnam, Oct 1967-July 1969

In your listing of deceased Trojans, my sister is mis-named Mary Jean Leininger. Marlene Leininger, class of '66, was lost in an auto accident in 1971. She was employed by the Times-Call at the time of her death. Our mother, Hazel, was a longtime 4H leader in Longmont, and still lives there. Thank you for this great work. There are a few folks I'll forward links to.

Jim Leininger
Class of '64


Wow! What a fantastic way to remember your high school class. I'm jealous!
I graduated in 1965 from a small town in Iowa. Best wishes!

Joel S.

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the wonderful site! 

Linda "Lynn" Ramsey Trollope


Hey guys! 

Hey! Just curious about some of my old friends. Been a long time! Stay in touch!

Jerry Morton
Castle Rock, Colorado



Hi, I am looking for Peggy Parker. She lived in Longmont in 1964. I think she went to LHS. If anyone knew her or has kept in contact with her would you be so kind as to email me....I am a very old friend that has lost touch. : )

 Thank you!

Great web site, wish there was one for the class of 64.  

I wanted to note that I also served if the Air Force during the Viet Nam War era. My time was spent in Tucson (with Mark Sulllivan and I believe Bob Waggoner (who at the time was married to Bob Anderson’s sister (whose name I can’t recall).

 I am retired from the banking industry and life with my wife in Anacortes WA (near the San Juan Islands).

John Lucke
Class of 64
USAF 1964-68


I graduated in 1966 I served in Vietnam as  Chief Warrant Officer from 1967-1972 I flew helicopters got shot up but did not die. I was drafted and never went back to CO I loved it there I am interested in contacting other 1966 LSH grads so if you have suggestions as to how to contact them please help me I would love to email any of them.

Thanks! Yours Truly,

Chris Kimberly



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