"The old Longmont High School" on Main Street was a four year school from 1928 until the graduation of the Class of 1964. The classes of 1965, 1966, and 1967 moved to the new high school off Francis Street where the Class of 1965 was the first to graduate the following year in the new building. Those graduating from the Class of 1967 were the last students to have been a part of the old high school.


Part of the building still stands today while the south complex (white roof) including the Band and Ag buildings (lower right--hand) have long been destroyed. The practice football field (two blocks to the north) has recently become the site for the new Boulder County Courthouse.

quote from the lhs trojans yearbook 1964-65

unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and as we look back over our life at l.h.s. we find there is much that will be missed, never to be regained. the halls echo now with the silence, and the years and students these halls have seen and heard have passed. but the walls remain, erect and silent, ready to carry on the job of educating the youth and preparing them for the future.
and so we say. . . goodbye


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