Longmont High Trojans
Longmont Colorado

Class of 1965



See: Vietnam-Era Veterans

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"Hello. My name is John Gilzean, Class of 65,' and I'm listed as a "Lost Trojan." A friend of mine with whom I served in the USN on the USS Valley Forge back in 1966-1967 off the coast of Vietnam called me and told me to run a Google search on my name, said you were looking for me.

I'm happy to tell you I'm doing well and reside just north of Longmont, in Loveland. I'm married, have 4 children and numerous grandkids. I never knew there was a Trojan website, I would have gotten in touch much sooner. Special thanks to Tommy Kircher in Ft. Worth Texas for the phone call and information. This seems to be a very nice site, so glad to see you Trojans on the net. Please use this information to update my status, I am lost no more. Thanks for not forgetting."
John Gilzean
January 7, 2003